St Lucia Carnival

by / Friday, 31 May 2013 / Published in Entertainment

While most carnival revelers dress in fancy costumes to go make merry in the streets this St Lucia Carnival sailor just may have donned the ultimate costume for any carnival in St Lucia. Yeah, that’s right – as Fisher – the guy at the wheel likes to call his little red Mini Morris The Ultimate St Lucia Carnival Costume.

Carnival in St Lucia is held around the middle of July each year having been moved from its usual pre- Lent date so that St Lucia’s carnival would not compete with Trinidad’s. And while we are actually in the rainy season in July, the actual two day carnival street parade is hardly ever adversely affected by the weather and even if a shower or two come down they just seem to cool down and re-energize the carnival band members.

The carnival bands parade along a three to four mile stretch starting from Caribbean Cinemas just off the third most northerly roundabout from Castries and at this time the route is simply alive with colour, movement and music creating the scene for some stunning photography and videography so be sure to bring along your camera. This reminds me that the route is usually lined with just about as many spectators as there are revelers so be sure to find some fun action among them too.

If you plan to visit the carnival I recommend that you carry an umbrella as your insurance policy against a blazing sun or pouring rain. You will generally want to arrive in the early afternoon around 1:00 or 2:00 PM and will wish to leave by about 6:00 PM before darkness sets in.

Be sure to check out the curbside vendors selling all sorts of island delectables from grilled hotdogs to barbequed chicken and so much more, all of which is best washed down with an ice cold Piton … or two, for after all those mountains do come as a pair!

So if you will be in St Lucia around the middle of July I’d love to invite you to come visit our carnival for stunningly unusual visual treats such as Fisher and so much more…

To discover more about St Lucia visit http://localhost/Satyam/cottonbayvillage/

Kirk Elliott is an Ace St Lucia photographer who enjoys sharing the best of his St Lucia with you through

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