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How it Works

This is your place to shine!

First create your content in a document program, and format it any way you like. This example uses different font colors and sizes, but try your own formatting ideas until it looks the way you want it to.

Include information about your company history, your mission, your people.

If you like, you can include your proud moments and other reasons you are a great company to do business with!

Something like this.

We launched [Your Company Name] on. . .

(Continue with the story, challenges, anecdotes, etc.)

Our goal has always been. . .

(Describe what you strive to achieve.)

Our Staff. . .

(Introduce staff members and say something brief about their roles and contributions.)

Why [Your Company]:

Reason 1

Reason 2

What our customers say:

Testimony 1

Testimony 2

Our Accomplishments:


Charity Recognition


Next, save your document as an HTML file.

Finally, open your new document in Notepad, and copy/paste it into your Admin About Us field.